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Choose all the quality and professionalism of the boat rental service offered by Piermario Convertino’s Toto Concorsi. Contact your sales office today for more information, a free quote and to know more about all the additional services made you can also get for free.


Free parking

The boat rental company Toto Concorsi by Convertino Piermario always puts its customers first. This is why it offers all kinds of services aimed at improving the boat rental experience. Among such services, we have to mention the free parking lot.


Boat rental without license

Toto Concorsi by Convertino Piermario’s main service definitely is boat renting, which is also possible without a personal boat license. Many sea and lake lovers, however, just can’t stand the typical confusion among beaches during summer.

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Easy Boats Rent

The Toto Concorsi firm by Convertino Piermario is located in Desenzano del Garda, and specializes in leisure boats rental. The company’s staff is always committed at offering a service of the highest quality to its customers, which is why it puts great care into offering several perks which effectively make the renting experience even more pleasurable and hassle-free.



  • Toto Concorsi by Convertino Piermario is my go-to service when I need to rent a boat. I don't own a boat license, and only thanks to them can I still have a boat without problems. All of their boats are excellent and very well kept, proving ideal for trips with friends or family.

    (Luigi Sposito)
  • When I need to rent a boat, I always order from Toto Concorsi by Convertino Piermario, due to their vast choice of catalogue. Furthermore, the rental rates are convenient, allowing to spend a day at sea with children without spending too much. The company also offers free parking, which is also really convenient.

    (Ugo Venantini)
  • - I choose Toto Concorsi by Convertino Piermario not only for the quality of their boats, but also due to the offer of many additional services. For example, the opportunity of parking your car for free and use the free shuttle from the parking lot to the port, and vice versa.  

    (Veronica Secondera)

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