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Easy Boats Rent of Convertino Piermario

The Toto Concorsi firm by Convertino Piermario is located in Desenzano del Garda, and specializes in leisure boats rental. The company’s staff is always committed at offering a service of the highest quality to its customers, which is why it puts great care into offering several perks which effectively make the renting experience even more pleasurable and hassle-free. Toto Concorsi by Convertino Piermario’s main service definitely is boat renting, which is also possible without a personal boat license. The firm offers a boats fleet of the utmost quality, allowing customers to enjoy their vessels in total safety and peace of mind, due to their high level of performance.

. The boats come in any model, size and power, and are always offered at interesting prices. Last but not least, Toto Concorsi by Convertino Piermario also offers its boats for renting to those who don’t own a boat license. There are absolutely no limitations whatsoever, you will always be able to satisfy your boat trip fantasies. And yet, our offer is not limited to this alone. Indeed, the boat rental company offers customers a free parking service, enabling them to leave their car without the stress of not finding a parking site.

The parking lot is closed and guarded, allowing customers who leave their car there to be perfectly sure of not having unwanted surprises, such as a damaged car, or even worse, have it stolen. Finally, its wide size guarantees free spaces at all times, you won’t need to bother booking it beforehand. We shall say, however, that the parking is not exactly near the boarding dock. To solve the problem, the company provides a free shuttle taking customers to the port, and vice versa. It is a spacious and very comfortable shuttle, also able to carry large groups: with this shuttle, the road from the parking lot to the boarding dock will only last a few minutes.

There are no fixed departure times, the shuttle is available to customers at all times and departs every time a new group reaches the parking lot or lands at the port. The shuttle is equipped with comfortable seats, a large luggage rack for carrying all kinds of equipment, as well as air conditioning in order to ensure an optimal temperature even during the hottest season. Choose all the quality and professionalism of the boat rental service offered by Piermario Convertino’s Toto Concorsi. Contact your sales office today for more information, a free quote and to know more about all the additional services made you can also get for free. Call us today!

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