The boat rental company Toto Concorsi by Convertino Piermario always puts its customers first. This is why it offers all kinds of services aimed at improving the boat rental experience. Among such services, we have to mention the free parking lot. In fact, customers normally use their own car in order to reach the port, but once they arrive at their destination, they’ll have to park it, and this is where the problem is born. Finding a parking spot is indeed difficult here, especially during the weekend, with so many people reaching the port area only for a boat trip, or simply for a walk along the promenade. This way not only you’ll save yourself the trouble of wasting time, but you’ll also avoid being stressed at not finding a parking spot, which could never actually be available at all. Toto Concorsi by Convertino Piermario therefore decided to prevent the problem completely, by offering its customers a comfortable and spacious parking lot, which however is not near the docking area, meaning that no one will ever have traffic problems at its entrance, eliminating every kind of queues and related risks. At the same time, we offer a shuttle service in order to allow our clients to reach the port, for free. The parking lot is closed and guarded, allowing customers who leave their car there to be perfectly sure of not having unwanted surprises, such as a damaged car, or even worse, have it stolen. Finally, its wide size guarantees free spaces at all times, you won’t need to bother booking it beforehand. All of this absolutely for free!
Choose the quality and professionalism of the boat rental service of Toto Conncorsi by Convertino Piermario, and take advantage of the completely free parking service with shuttle bus to the port. Forget about worrying for a parking spot when going for a boat trip.