The Toto Concorsi firm by Convertino Piermario offers free parking to its customers, allowing you to avoid the stress of finding a parking place once you have reached the port. This is offered in order to avoid customers the hassle of not finding a parking spot, enabling them to even arrive at the last minute, in total relax. However, the parking lot offered to customers by Toto Concorsi by Conversino Piermario is not immediately close the port, with a road stretch to be traveled on both arrivals and returns. So how will you cover that distance without the risk of getting stressed over it? Simply thanks to the shuttle service provided by Toto Concorsi by Convertino Piermario. It is a spacious and very comfortable shuttle, also able to carry large groups: with this shuttle, the road from the parking lot to the boarding dock will only last a few minutes. There are no fixed departure times, the shuttle is available to customers at all times and departs every time a new group reaches the parking lot or lands at the port. Its route is taken incessantly and without breaks, in order to limit customer waiting times to not more than a few minutes. Furthermore, the shuttle is equipped with every kind of comfort in order to make this journey pleasurable at any given time. We can talk about the shuttle’s comfortable seats, its large luggage rack for carrying any type of equipment, and also its air conditioning, in order to ensure an ideal temperature inside the cabin even during the hottest season. The shuttle service is available at any time of year, from morning to evening.
You can the commercial office of Toto Competizioni di Convertino Piermario today and request all the information you need for using the free shuttle service to reach the port, after parking your car for free.